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What can and what do a Consul of Rome Internations

Dear all
yesterday I had my first important event with this Community and I would like to share with you my impressions about this my first experience.

You already know how difficult is to organize an activity, especially when econimic interests are involved.
The event was a success, because I booked for 34 people and finally there were 34 people. But how hard was to reach this goal!
Anyway, I delighted to create a “Kindness meter” (It is between photos of the activity Protected content . I hope you will not misunderstand: I don't want to express any judgement about anyone. I only desire let you understand that most of the time I spent for this activity was to assure that people who reserved will be present at the event. This because managing a restaurant is a business and you understand that no entrepreneur can be satisfied if we reserve for 20 people and then we are 10 or less.
I hope that my “Kindness meter” could help some members to understand that behind any activity there is an organization, done of time spent by Consul and - sometimes - money risked by entrepreneurs or professionals.
I also hope that this instrument could be useful for others Consuls and I'd like to open a debate – if possible – on this forum, just to reduce at minimum risks of this activity that I'm doing just for passion.

I'm wondering for waiting your feedbacks.

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