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Abandoned Dog...Needs forever Home!! (San José)

NEED YOUR HELP. Hi everyone, this is Blondie. A good friend of mine had Blondie visiting her house every day, for the past few months, Blondie was hungry and she stopped by to eat breakfast each morning. We are not sure if she had a home, or was just dropped off on the street. She didn't always show up, but she was pretty consistent. My friend went to the states for an extended stay and came back to find Blondie in terrible shape. She was skinny, and covered in mange. We were able to get her to my Vet last week, and she is now getting treatment for mange, parasites, and malnutrition. She is a tiny little thing, smaller than she looks in this picture. She is less than a year old. The doctor thinks she was already spayed, once her health improves, he'll give her a more thorough exam to be sure, if not we'll see that she is. WE NEED A LOVING, FOREVER HOME for her. She is super sweet, she likes other dogs, and I don't think she'll weigh much more than 15 lbs. at her full adult size. PLEASE, if you are thinking about bringing a new member into your family and you have a safe environment for this lovely little lady....get in touch with me. BLONDIE is ready to bring joy into your lives, and she deserves a lot of love and attention. Something she has yet to have. I would love to keep her myself but I already have 9 rescue dogs in my house and just do not have space for any more. Please help. Thank you.

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