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"Art City Tour offers free admission to city's mus (San José)

Sorry, I just saw this today @ Protected content and can't get it posted as an activity for our "Out and About" group! It's tonight,

"If you spend a lot of time in San José, you have probably thought: I should visit the Jade Museum. Or: I wonder what’s going on at that gallery on the corner. Seems like a neat place. What’s it called again?

The Art City Tour is the perfect excuse to visit all those museums and exhibits you’ve been meaning to see. The displays are striking, the people are cool, and admission is free – what could be a better diversion on a Wednesday night? Organized by the arts advocates at GAM Cultural, Art City helps residents and visitors see San José in an invigorating new way.

The best way to enjoy Art City is to use our handy itinerary (below), and hop the free shuttle from one hotspot to another. Not only can you visit these venues, but you’ll find a host of galleries, bars, and restaurants nearby."

This is exactly the type of activity that our "Out & About" Group needs, help me spot them in advance and get them organized. Sean

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