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Learn Spanish With Verónica (San José)


Welcome to Costa Rica!!

I hope your stay in this wonderful country is being fulfilled and running successfully.

As a Costa Rican bilingual professional, I have realized how important is to pin point the right place and contact the right people to work with when venturing an investment in Costa Rica.

Especially when you do not speak Spanish and should face up to the red tape of the local bureaucracy. My long term experience in the local service industry for expats has taught me how
to meet and exceed each customer's expectations with quality in service. I have assisted all types
of customers in all types of settings.

Thank you very much for your interest in my Personalized Immersive Spanish program focused on everyday conversation.

You are invited to be a part of my exclusive group of learners whom I am happily teaching both personally and directly; without boring lessons or extreme schedules, upon the same quality
I have been instructing professionals and students so far.

As a language facilitator, I count on academic support from Spanish Learning lab®. Also I have teaching background, and I am highly identified with an Immersive curriculum to be applied at each lesson.

The purpose of my Immersive Spanish program is to enhance the level of Spanish each student
​has by practicing their learned skills in real situations. The participants will be prepared by following a sequence of activities (Stages) that involve five targets focused on proper communication in Spanish: Comprehension, Fluency, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation.

Please, request a Free Online Level Test. Verónica Saretto - Language Facilitator

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