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Temporary living in C.R. Car information need (San José)

I have read all the comments and there is some good information on here. However I have different situation and I have not been able to find anything or anyone that might be able to give me the correct answer.
I'm only going to live in Costa Rica for about two years, so I actually want to take my car and then bring it back to the states. I'm currently financing my vehicle but hyundai motors will allow for me to take it.
My question, would i still have to pay the same amount of taxes? I was told by a Costa Rican that i would have to pay an entry tax and i would have to pay another when I exit the Country. However he had no idea how much it would be. Just trying to figure out if it is worth for me to do this or if I should just buy a much older veh to take there and then try to sell it.

Also I need to find a realtor to show me some rental property in the ribera de belen, heredia area, or Escazu area. Trying to find a nieghborhood with a lot of expats.
So if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it

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