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Artist intervention: Why Chile? (Santiago de Chile)

I´m posting this on behalf of our friend Shawn Michele, who is doing an artist intervention for expats:

Come share in a part of Protected content 1 day, an artist invention that asks people passing by to share in their answer to the question WHY CHILE?
Many times as a foreigner I have Chileans ask me with incredulistic looks "WHY would you ever leave your home to move to the end of the earth? WHY CHILE?" I find this questions interesting as many Chileans are very intrested in hearing how foreigners see their country.
In Plaza Mori on Sunday, Oct 20th from 3pm-7pm we are providing a platform/gallery/stage for people to answer this question or provide their motivation behind it. Come sing, dance, write a poem and phrase, paint, act, wiggle, whatever! JUST JOIN IN and share your view.

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Compartimos en una intervención artista que le pide a los transeúntes responder la pregunta: ”¿POR QUÉ CHILE?”

Soy extranjero y hay muchas veces cuando encontro una Chileno, ellos me preguntaron "¿Por qué (se cambio casa) por Chile?" pero con una cara confusa. Quiero indagarla tema de esta pregunta, porque a mi, me encanta Chile.
Les pido gente para compartir en esta a través de un dibujo, una pintura, un poema o cualquier imagen o palabra que defina porque vive en Chile y crear este espacio de expresión público.

Ven no mas, a Plaza Mori, el domingo, OCT Protected content a 19:00 horas con SU REPUESTA o SU MOTIVACION PARA PREGUNTAR de la pregunta ¿Por qué Chile? o ven no mas y ver que hay.

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