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Mathias Döringer

Living in Chile, from Austria

"Before moving to Santiago de Chile I joined the InterNations community and got useful hints regarding housing and business."

Emma Willems

Living in Chile, from Belgium

"When I first came to Santiago de Chile I didn´t know one anyone. On InterNations I found many expat friends in the same situation."

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Welcome to the InterNations Community of Expats in Chile!

¡Hola! And a very warm welcome to the InterNations expat community in Chile! Here at InterNations, we provide a global community that serves expats moving to Chile and other areas of the world. Whether you're moving to Santiago, Puente Alto, or elsewhere, you can make use of the wealth of resources available through our site. InterNations' experienced Chile expats have answered dozens of questions on moving to the country, which allows you to gain valuable knowledge before you make your move. Once you've arrived, you can join those members in making contributions yourself, which will allow others to benefit from your knowledge in the future. Such queries may include, "How will I adjust to the local cuisine?", "do I need to brush up on my Spanish skills?", and "can I buy my own property?". You may be surprised to learn that lunch is the biggest meal of the day here, enhancing your Spanish skills is a must, and using said Spanish skills will come in handy when you want to buy a property. With the help of our expat communities in Chile, you will soon ease into your new life effortlessly.

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Learn about Expat Life in Chile

The pace of life in Chile is far more relaxed than in many other places. While Chileans are endlessly friendly and diplomatic, Spanish is the country's first language, which means you'll have to get to grips with it to fit into your new community. Family is an important focus of many Chilean's lives, which makes it an ideal place for expats with young children. For a blend of low-cost living and a family-friendly atmosphere, try Santiago, or the coastal regions near Coquimbo City. If you're willing to live a short distance outside the city center, you'll find that the rents are low, but the need for personal transportation is high. If you're prepared to shop around, you can live a healthy lifestyle with cheap fresh food and an abundance of US goods on tap. Both public and private healthcare systems are available, with private fees coming in much lower than other areas of the world.

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Your Social Network for Expatriates in Chile

InterNations is a unique social network that features an array of carefully approved members who can offer advice on living as an expatriate in Chile. After becoming a member yourself, you can strengthen our community further by making your own contributions in our forum or writing an article for our Expat Magazine. As expats have experienced life as new arrivals in Chile themselves, they offer invaluable advice on making the experience easier. Whether you want to know more about using the public healthcare system, finding an English-speaking school for your kids, or seeking out private Spanish tuition, our members will point you in the right direction. Once you're settled in, why not pop along to one of our regular events? They act as the perfect opportunity to meet new friends and participate in the expat community.

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