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Getting a RUT ?!? (Santiago de Chile)

Since I got here in late December, I've been vexed by the process of getting a visa de trabajo and the accompanying RUT number. As a professional ESL teacher with a Master's degree and 7 years experience at the college level, I thought many organizations would have been happy to offer me the contract necessary to get this visa. Although several prestigious schools have expressed interest in hiring me, as soon as they've found out I lack a RUT, they've lost interest. One school has expressed interest in offering me the necessary contract, but they pay only 5 mil an hour, one 6th of what I had been making in New York. I did not have my masters degree legalized in the U.S. before coming here, so I'm going to make an attempt to do so at the U.S. embassy. However, I fear that they may not be able to help me.

Any advice?

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