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Ideas for the transition from Canada to Chile? (Santiago de Chile)

Hello all,

I have been pondering a lot about how to make the move from Vancouver to Santiago (or, possibly another place in SA will work, too). I am hoping that someone has gone through this decision making process when making your move, too. Where I am at: my Spanish is poor at this time, no job prospects, and would like to ask for ideas, or critiques/improvements to my current plan.

Current plan:
- sign up for Spanish language immersion (4 weeks long)
- obtain TEFL certification so I teach English (some income, at least)
- rent a place for the first month using AirBnB
- find a headhunter to connect me with the scientific employers

I understand that Chilean society is "closed," but I don't have a full understanding of what this concept means. Would making friends and business contacts be difficult?

Also, would I be able to open a bank account on a tourist visa Protected content ? Thanks.

Best regards,

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