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Illegal charges made by FEDEX (Santiago de Chile)

Many people complain. Protected content

My glasses were broken so I ordered eyewear and corrective lenses to the shop i buy them in NYC. I paid 55 USD for Fedex transport.

But now I have to pay 85 USD more, 33 USD fpr customs and the rest 52 USD additional for Fedex. This amount seemingly is illegal as under the US law of transparency Fedex cannot charge extra fees after one has already paid for shipping. Of course they keep the parcel until you pay.

On the phone they say it is the custom ..

but more than 20% of custom right to buy glasses means e-business with other countries would not make sense in Chile I don't believe that. Though I will check.

Looks like i am not the only one complaining :
Protected content These people complaining are chilean. What about experience of expats and way to solve the problem ?

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