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Legalising Academic Documents (UK) (Santiago de Chile)


Hi all

I was wondering if anyone could help/advise.

I am planning on moving to Chile some time in the future and asked around (to Universidad de Chile, Chilean Embassy in London and prospective employers) regarding work visas. The problem is they all gave me different advice.

The employer told me I need to legalise my academic certificates before they give me a Professional Work Visa; the university told me I need to legalise 3 different documents (certificates, final grades and study programme); the embassy seems to think there is only one type of visa, the Visa Subject to Contract.

Has anyone from the UK themselves been or knows anyone who has been through the process of legalising documents for a Professional Work Visa?

I'd like to know exactly the documents I need to legalise and the steps I have to go through to get the visa.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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