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Looking for a good high school (Santiago de Chile)

I'm currently researching a move to Chile in the next two years or so, and would like my teen-age son to attend a year of high school somewhere in the country. Since he is not fluid in Spanish (but will be conversant by then) he will need a bilingual school. I'm guessing that it may have to be private, but I'd like to consider everything. Somewhere near large cities is probably where we will have to locate to be close to the schools, but I would like to live as close to the coast as possible - we both surf and would like to partake in that activity as often as possible. Santiago is probably the most likely place to look, but what about places like Concon? I like the idea of smaller towns to live in, but close enough to a good school. Also, it would be great to be close to snowboarding area too, for some weekend fun. The bottom line, though, is that the school be high quality. My son is a straight A student, active in sports, and want to continue on to college.

If anyone can help narrow my search, I would be most appreciative.


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