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Questions Regarding Hiring Housekeepers (Santiago de Chile)

So as much research as I've done online regarding hourly/part-time housekeepers, I can't seem to find too much. I hope you all can help and I value other people's input as well.

My fiance and I will be looking for help around the house soon to come in a couple times a week once I can find a job in this vast city. However, in the meantime, would it be reasonable to have someone come in maybe 2 times a month to help me do a deep clean of our place which really helps me (and my back).

Here are my questions:

1. How does someone find a good housekeeper? I'm assuming word of mouth.

2. How much do you normally pay an hourly housekeeper?

3. Do you have to sign a contract with a part-time housekeeper to come in once or twice per week?

4. Do you contribute to pensions, taxes, health benefits if paying a part-time/hourly person? If so, how is this done and how is it reported to the gov?

5. Any other important info I need to know?

Thank you everyone!


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