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School for struggling student??? (Santiago de Chile)

We thought we had everything figured out before we moved here, but it isn't quite working out that way. (Of course!)

My kids have taken admissions tests for 2 schools, El Nido and Santiago College. We haven't heard from Santiago College yet, and El Nido will only accept my sons, not my daughter. This just breaks my heart! It is hard enough making this transition without separating the kids.

My daughter was chronically ill for about 4 years. The doctors figured things out and now she is doing well, and she is a smart kid, she just has some catching up to do. We also had her in a bilingual school in the USA that teaches reading in Spanish first. They start teaching English reading in 2nd grade, so she has some catching up to do in English reading and writing. (She reads well in Spanish.)

We need a school that can give her some extra help. Currently checking out TIPS. We would prefer a bilingual school, but I think at this point she won't pass the entrance exams.

Any other ideas?

Thank you so much for your help!


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