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Searching for nice place to live - close to surf (Santiago de Chile)

I'm working toward relocating to Chile within three years, but want to begin the process now. I expect to make several trips to Chile searching for a nice quiet near-coast town. As eluded to in the subject, I'd like to be near good surf (perhaps within an hours drive). Mainly, though, I'd like to live in a community that has a certain degree of culture, artists and free thinkers. I should mention that I am of retirement age, but still very active and still hunt for large waves. I understand Pichilemu has one of the best waves around. That's great, but how are the surrounding areas. Is this an area worth investigating, or should I venture elsewhere?

Uruguay has also interested me, but surf locations are probably scarce and the days of surf per year are far less. Other than that, the country looks pretty attractive. As I said, I plan to make several trips to the area, but a little help and guidance would be great! I'd love to hear your comments.

Oh - I forgot to mention that I'm moving from the US.

Thanks, all.


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