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Spanish Classes (Santiago de Chile)

Classes are one to one, however if you have friends or colleagues whom wish to join you then small group classes can be arranged. All the students must be at the same level and the maximum class size is 3, because in our experience classes larger than this do not offer to each student sufficient time to practice speaking.


Classes take place in the office Luis Thayer Ojeda 157, next to Tobalaba metro station. Your teacher can also come to a location of your choice e.g. your office or home.

Class Duration

Classes are 1 hour in duration; however students often choose to take 2 or even 3 consecutive classes.

Teaching Materials

Once your level has been established you will receive a folder with materials relevant to your level. All teaching materials have been specifically developed and produced by Spanish Class. They are continuously updated to keep them fresh and specific to students individual needs.


After each class we will ask you to complete exercises to reinforce what you have learnt in class.
The homework for each class normally takes around half an hour and is very important.

Class Hours

8:30am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday.


All teachers have a university degree in teaching, are native speakers and have at least 6 years experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


Classes can be tailored to any specific needs or interests e.g. business, travel. Classes can be as intensive as you like, to suit your schedule. You can take a break from your studies at any stage.


Our classes are 100% in Spanish even at the introductory level. The teachers have years of experience teaching immersion Spanish so don’t worry if you don’t even speak a word of Spanish. They will have you effectively communicating in no time. Using immersion techniques Spanish becomes not simply the subject matter but also the teaching tool. The Spanish taught is Castilian Spanish (Spanish from Central Spain) allowing students to understand and be understood in any part of the Spanish speaking world.

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