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Temp home for ginger and white kitten (Santiago de Chile)


Last night whilst sitting out on our balcony we heard a cat meowing non stop in the garden of our building. I thought it was strange as we are surrounded by flats and not once have I seen a cat out on the street. I went down and gave it some food, he was starving. He has a collar but no tag surprise surprise. I wish people would put a tag on their pets it makes life so much easier.

Anyway its defo lost, we have put posters up everywhere around our block and in the local vets. I'm sure it has owners close to us, fingers crossed they see our posters.

I was hoping someone might be interested in giving it a temp home until we locate the owners, we already have a cat and my cat is a psycho normally without having another male cat around.

This little cutie is around Protected content old, ginger and white, fully litter trained he's been doing his business in a tray no probs. I defleed him yesterday with stronghold. He's good to go :o)

Any takers? I'll pay for cat litter and food. When I say temp I really mean temp I don't expect you to keep him forever and if there's any probs he can always come back here and yes I will take him back, I just don't want him to be locked up in a small office room for weeks on end or have to worry about him getting out and being beat up by my male cat.


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