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Visa and bank questions (Santiago de Chile)


I have just found this community, and I have already questions for all of you! :-)

I have just started to work, with a temporary work visa (tarjeta de trabajo) (while my application for the real one still sits in the pipeline).
1/ With a temporary work visa, I can't get a carné (yesterday I went to the Registro Civil), so right now my employer can't deposit the social security/pension money that comes with my salary; it seems I have to wait for the real visa to arrive :-( Any thoughts/experiences on that?

2/ Yesterday a friend spoke me about the temporary residence visa for professionals, which is like a work visa, but you can change employers without having to renew your visa, and this would suit me better. Any ideas whether it is possible/reasonable to transform my application for the work visa into an application for a temporary residence visa?

3/ Any thoughts about a good bank for foreigners? I don't need much, just a place where I can stash my money and use a debet card (I heard intrests are anyway inexistent here). My gf is affiliated with Santander, but she isn't happy with their customers service...

Thanks a lot for your answers!


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