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[1 min reading] discover what stops your life (São Paulo)

Hello everyone !

You know whay my business were not running? not even starting??
I had some stories about lmy life, that I invented when I was 5 years old, and I lived all my life with those "filters". Yeah, LIMITED LIFE OPTIONS!

YOu ARE NOT GIVING THE STEPS EITHER? Guys, I don´t get any money for recomending this, and even so I highly recomend you to consider doing a course named Forum Landmark.

It´s a fast way (just 3-day) to discover which are those invisible feers, that you don´t know you have, and which are limiting your actions (you know.. when there is someting you´d like to haveor do and you quit just when having the idea).

One of the Forum leaders is in São Paulo, and TODAY tuesday 3/06, at 7:30PM, during the final sessiona of the last Forum, the entrance to know about the Forum is free.

The leader will definetly invite to register, but go, living his sales method away, and see if there is a value for your life.

I INVITE YOU JUST TO SEE IF YOU FIND A GOOD VALUE FOR YOU, as I did, and discover how powerfull and leader you are!

At the Club Homs, Avenida Paulista, Protected content PM.
(Here the invitation a received by email: Protected content

If you want more info about the content of the Landmark Forum, please go to Protected content , and/or visit Protected content

And for any other questions about how it was for me, just send me an email to Protected content (my email).

Hope to see you there!! I´ll be there with my recently transformed family! :)

BTW, I´m very commited with the TRANSFORMATION OF BRAZIL!! we need people without feers and good intentions! If that one is you, please consider coming!


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