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Flying Autumn Colours...Welcoming the Winter... (São Paulo)

The heavy rain of the last week had provoked 2 enormous trees to fall. It's natural but, unfortunately, on its fall the tree hits other plants, causing their lives a kind of shaken as well. Nevertheless, it's a good opportunity to check how much life had developed on its trunk = decades of organic production :) and flashes of the chemistry classes strikes me :/
If you don't know Aclimação Park yet, now it's the season to see it in all its splendour ;) The lights of autumn help any picture - I know - anyhow, I'm talking about variability here... so much life that even pictures fail to represent: one has to walk around the lake and observe. I've never seen so much butterflies in a myriad of colors and sizes at the same place before(!) Dragonflies too :) but their colors get indistinguishable on the speedy flight. Plus, I could see the lake received some new black-swan-kind-of-guys-with-red-beaks, but I couldn't know whether they live there or are just passing a holiday during a migration trip... Long-legged birds also enjoy the green lake shore to fish their lunch, while across the border some orange-breast 'sabias', together other smaller blue-grey-canary-types, feast on the fruit offered on wooden planks for them. On the way out, I passed through a pathway of yellow flowers that fell from an old 'poppy tree' = reminding me the autumn is off and now it's time for us to welcome the winter and get the happiest behaviour to oppose the cloudy weather...Happy Winter!

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