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LIFEFITNESS (eliptical, bike and leg ext) FOR SALE (São Paulo)


Hi, We lived in SP 5 years ago, and when we moved we were not able to take our LIFEFITNESS equipments with us. We bought them new from LIFEFITNESS in Protected content , used them for 1 year (2 people about 3x a week), and we were not able to take them with us. They have been in a warehouse ever since. Originally we paied R$24,000 for all three. They are the comercial kind used in gyms (better quality). They are really in very good shape.
Horizontla Bike mod 95Ri,
Eliptical cross trainer CLSX, and a
FIt series LEg extensor/leg curl.
If you buy all three items together: R$13,000.00

If bought separetely:
BIKE- R$5, Protected content - R$7, Protected content extensor/curl-R$3000
I can send pictures if you are interested.

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