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Floods in Serbia and Bosnia (Sarajevo)

Dear InterNations Members,

As we all know, Severe floods have struck the people in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia leaving thousands of children homeless, without food, water, warm and dry clothes. Roads and bridges are flooded, schools and kindergartens have been shut down, 100,000 homes left without power, while rain-swollen rivers and surging water course through towns and villages, overflowing across streets into homes, causing landslides and other disasters.

These are the heaviest rains and floods ever recoded in Protected content . Entire towns are cut off and the slow-moving cyclone is said to last until the weekend. These locations have already declared a nationwide flood emergency on Thursday. Several people have already drowned and the numbers are only growing.

The InterNations Team has complied below a list of trustworthy and reputable links if you would like to provide assistance:

Money Donations

*Government of Serbia* - OFFICIAL page: Protected content

BANK ACCOUNTS FOR HELP (dinar and foreign currency accounts of the Government of Serbia to help those in need):

RSD account: Protected content . Purpose of payment: Removal of extraordinary circumstances – flooding.
Foreign currency Account: Protected content , special purpose account for funds for elimination of consequences of floodsFor donations from abroad: Money transfer instructions can be found here.

You may also contribute by PayPal to the Serbian Government with the address: Protected content

Current account for help (City of Belgrade):

Special purpose account: Protected content Grad Beograd – Sekretarijat za finansije. IBAN: RS Protected content .
Payment Instructions on the website of the City of Belgrade, at Protected content .

*Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina*

Account number: Protected content

For donations from abroad:

IBAN CODE: BA Protected content
(information on corresponding banks is on the page Protected content

You can find more info on happenings in Bosnia and ways you can help here:
Protected content

*Red Cross*

Protected content

*Call Centers*

The Ministry of the Interior Affairs has also established a call center through which all interested people willing to help, are able to obtain information in order to realise their contributions. The call center will be open 24 hours a week and will coordinate all actions with other governmental agencies.

The telephone numbers of the call center: Protected content Protected content , Protected content Protected content , Protected content , Protected content , Protected content , Protected content , Protected content , Protected content .

You can also get information emailing to: Protected content .

Information and links provided by:
Protected content

You can find more way to help / information by visiting the link above.

The InterNations Team extends our deepest of sympathies to those loved ones and friends involved and we kindly would ask to keep all political and or other disrespectful remarks from being published in this thread.

With the warmest of regards,
Your InterNations Team.

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