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Anyone interested in a Toro tour? (Seville)

I have been wanting to do this tour for awhile now. They have a 2 person minimum, so I thought I would post something here to see if anyone might be up for it. The tour options would be May 6 or 20.

The tour is a visit to a local ranch that breeds bulls for bullfighting. Ethically, I am not a supporter of the "sport." but I think it would be fun and interesting to visit a local ranch and learn more about the history and connection of the bull to Andalusian culture. As part of the 3 hour visit, one gets access to a local ranch, visits the animal enclosures, engages in conversation with a prior bullfighter, etc. Tapas are included. The tour has 5* reviews on TripAdvisor. The visit is Protected content per person.

Please let me know if you could have interest. I have pasted some recent reviews below.

"I went into the visit with an open mind. Just north of Seville in the beautiful countryside we found the rustic Campo Bravo. J.C. our host/tour guide/professor/driver/historian et us with a smile and welcomed us to the Protected content ranch. His assistant, a pero (dog) named Rhonda, was also there and welcomed us with a wagging tail and pleasant demeanor.
Starting with a lecture on the history of Toro Bravo (Brave Bull), J.C. asked us what. our thoughts were on the art of bull fighting. After carefully listening to our comments he skillfully answered all of our questions. Next we were introduced to some of the tools used in the ring. The experience definitely drew us into the world of Toro Bravo. Piling into the Land Rover, we taken out into the beautiful meadows and countryside where these magnificent animals live. The breeding and selection process was explained and we were given tours of the different meadow areas the bulls were separated into by age. We paused a bit for a lovely snack a distance from the younger two year old bulls in the meadow. Finally we were taken into the grazing meadows of the mature bulls. We were face to face, at a very safe distance, with the top level majestic animals. What a privilidge and experience to be among such creatures. THIS IS A MUST SEE!!"

"Genuinely one of the highlights of our trip to Spain, and so unexpected!
We (my husband and 9 year old daughter) had an incredible afternoon meeting, listening and learning from Jean Christian about breeding the Bravo Toro and the history and world of Corrida. We arrived with little knowledge of this. By the end any preconceptions were dispelled and we came away with a really different understanding and new appreciation for this art form.
Jean Christian is so passionate and insightful that we just really enjoyed listening to him and asking questions. It was a real treat when we stopped at an beautiful spot on the property for some snacks and drinks."

"We recently took a tour of the Campo Bravo ranch just outside Seville, which turned out to be one of more interesting experiences of our entire holiday. We spent an excellent 3 hours with our host Jean Christian who gave us a tour of this authentic working ranch, taking us up close and personal with the bulls of the ranch. JCs passion for the whole world of rearing bulls is evident (he was a picador himself), and his knowledge of the history of the world of the “Corridas de Toros” was really interesting and always engaging. Definitely worth a visit for an informative insight to this part of Spanish culture."

"This was a very special experience which would be difficult to have anywhere else.
It was a fascinating insight into the importance of bull fighting in Spanish culture, its history and how the fighting bulls are bred. Part of the tour is being driven around the farm being shown the different herds of cows, calves, young bulls and mature bulls. JC's knowledge and passion shine through and made us realise that many of our assumptions were completely wrong. So if you have an open mind and are curious to learn more, this is a very rewarding experience. We would highly recommend it."

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