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Wanna join a writers group? (Seville)

Writers and poets of tomorrow!

Do you write? Poetry, short stories, novels? Or do you want to write?

I want to put a group of people together who love (or like, that’s ok too) to write and want to share and talk about their and others’ work - or simply want a push in the writing process. It’s not a teacher-pupils-sort-of-thing, rather a place where we can share what we’ve done, talk about it, get different viewpoints and help each other in going forward with our writing. I’m thinking we can have writing exercises and tips for those who want it, and hopefully also spend some time talking about motivations, aspirations and get nerdy about favourite pieces. Exactly what this type of group would entail we will decide together! The most important thing is that it is an unpretentious, welcoming thing - you don’t need to have ever written anything before, or you can have been published ten times. Oh, and I’m thinking it will be held mostly in English, as my current Spanish level does not really allow otherwise…

Let me know if you’re interested by sending an email to Protected content , I look forward to hearing from you!

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