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Couchsurfing meeting Matt Cohler (Silicon Valley)


3 years ago I got my account deleted on Couchsurfing by a woman called Caytlin, to have said on the wall to be careful as you could not report a rape in Dubai, I was nice and polite, but this woman from the Couchsurfing account, deleted my profile. After I saw that it might be Concentrix India, and that this woman might be in fact a young man, not a woman based in United States.
Because Concentrix was in charge of the support team but it was not said on the site.
I received a mail saying Concentrix in the safety team had been a trial period.
I created of course an other account to observe what was happening.#
I met a man very dangerous on CS, and left a negative reference. The negative reference had been deleted, and once again my profile as a woman being deleted. It was in Turkey where one woman on 3 in victim of violence and the first city for kidnapping. I was not a host or guest, just met him through this website and all the positive references made me trust him when I had a bad feeling. A guest went to the police one year before, but I could not know if she tried or not to leave a negative reference. And if like me her reference got deleted. Couchsurfing did not help me to contact her, to find her.
Plus this man had been able to say all over Couchsurfing for 7 months, that I had stolen in his house when I could not answer anything as my profile had been deleted. He put my photo and name. It could have destroyed my professional life very easily and certainly had created some damages. He was saying I was searched by Interpole, I told Couchsurfing as I was a member confirmed, that they could check, but they did not answer.
This man destroyed my computer when I visited him, and wanted to break my legs and to deport me in Irak. It was heavy stuff.
I met the vice consul of his country 3 times, and the case went to the Ministry of Foreign affairs. The same day it happened I ask help at the Swiss Embassy in Istanbul and there is a report from it. The lawyers I took saw that he had a lot of court cases suspended, and now he is been searched by the police to be jailed, not because of me, but because of other court cases for violence, etc. After 7 months of defamation, his account got deleted as a lawyer sent the court cases against him. But it was difficult to find in Turkey. He had beaten his wife when pregnant, locked her in the car, and stole all her money. He had a lot of other court cases against him. CS deleted his account but did not apologize and did not put me back on the site. I did not of course receive any damages. The strange thing is he was sending me private messages on Couchsurfing saying he was a member of the mafia, that he worked for the mafia and that they would kind of kill me, but still he stayed on the site.

In Dubai, last year an honest woman, with a lot of references, was accused of stealing on the wall for months by a man with zero reference, newly member, he accused her of having stolen him, after she left a negative reference. So she had a reputation being destroyed for weeks.
At the end, she went to Interpole and he deleted by himself the defamation but not CS. It is as all men do on CS, if a woman accused them of violence they fight back by saying they stole them.

Now it is even weirder, as it is no more possible to delete at all a reference, but some references left are abusive and put the people who are using it in danger.
Of course on the Dubai wall, it is not mentioned that you cannot report a rape easily in Dubai and in the mean time, the site has been banned in Dubai as so many complaints from women having problems.

I am reading that Matt Cohler is in charge of Couchsurfing as investor, but it seems impossible to talk with those investors.

I am sure they are nice guys who have no idea of all this. I am sure they do not have any control on all this and do not know.

It could be a court case, but it would be more interesting to have a collective court case from women who have felt been victim on this site.

It is a pity, as it is so great to use this site, it is such a nice site, but for my own experience, it was really strange.

I hope Matt Cohler will read this thread and contact me.

It is difficult to understand who is working on Couchsurfing. And where is the exact address.
Same for Concentrix, it is not easy to understand if it is Concentrix Philippines, India or Belfast.
It is in fact difficult to have any kind of interactions with Couchsurfing or Concentrix. It seems impossible.

As when they hired Concentrix, they did not inform the members it would be Concentrix in charge of the safety and support team.

And still now, we do not know who is in charge of the safety team.

This man in Turkey as nobody mentioned his name or put his photo on the site, is still using the site of course as the police did not catch him. I found 2 new profiles of him but he is still using others.

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