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"In such an international city such as Washington, D.C. InterNations holds great events for everyone to network and enjoy themselves."

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Hello and welcome to our Silicon Valley expat community right here at InterNations. We have all of the information and resources you need to settle into your new life in the heart of the tech world. Silicon Valley is a world-famous innovation center and life in the area can be hectic, but our community of expats can help you to settle in quickly, as well as to meet like-minded people in your area. We also hold regular get-togethers to boost your social circle and capitalize on that rare but much-needed time out of the office. Silicon Valley is an exciting place to be, so join our expat community on InterNations to find out more.

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  • Moving to Silicon Valley

    With its diverse cities, warm climate, and welcoming residents, Silicon Valley attracts people from many educational and cultural backgrounds. This guide briefs you on the most important aspects of preparing your move to Silicon Valley.
  • Living in Silicon Valley

    Home to companies such as eBay, Adobe, Hewlett Packard, and Google, the area attracts expats from around the globe, giving it a great mix of races and cultures. This InterNations Guide provides you with fundamental info on living in Silicon Valley, from education to safety.
  • Working in Silicon Valley

    The Silicon Valley economy is largely supported by the technology industry - hence its name - but there are also many other opportunities in teaching and service roles. This guide gives you an in-depth introduction to the local economy,taxation, and jobs and career paths in Silicon Valley.

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Many of the world's most famous technology companies are based in Silicon Valley, making the area home to one of the most innovative start-up ecosystems on the planet. Geographically speaking, the valley is based in the south of the San Francisco Bay Area, although as Silicon Valley continues to expand it increasingly takes up parts of the east of the Bay Area too. As Silicon Valley attracts the world's top talent, it has a massive expat community and is a great place to call home for people from all over the globe. Among the top places to go in Silicon Valley is Plaza de César Chávez, a beautiful local gathering point in Downtown San Jose.

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Joining our expatriate network here at InterNations is a fantastic way to settle in to your new life in the heart of Silicon Valley. The Valley can be a daunting place for newcomers, especially people who are not originally from the United States, so if you have any questions to ask about the area, the community is a fantastic place to start. Furthermore, there are a number of groups you can join as part of our Silicon Valley Community, such as the Silicon Valley Professional Networking Group, which is a great way to widen your social circle and improve your job prospects. If you love to be out and about, joining the Silicon Valley Outdoor Adventurers Group is a must too.

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