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20 Questions To Ask During House Viewing (Singapore)

After you’ve done searching either on the internet or the newspaper, you called up and made an appointment with the landlord or the landlord’s agent for viewing.

Next, let me prepare you to walkthrough the viewing.

First, remember and focus on what you want. Know your priorities and preferences. Don’t be over judgmental. The house might looks very nice or bad that makes you want to commit to rent or walk away immediately. Keep yourself calm and try to balance your emotion with a rational assessment of the potential of living in it.

These are the 20 questions that you might like to ask:

Go early like 15 mins before the appointment.
Protected content far is it from the MRT station or bus stop?
Protected content you comfortable with the surroundings? Is it convenient or is it noisy?

While going up, look around.
Protected content the common area clean and tidy?
Protected content kinds of people living here? Young families? Expats?

Inside the house, you might like to ask the landlord or the agent.
Protected content old is this building?
Protected content are the amenities around here?
Protected content , how long does it take for you to get to your workplace from here? And how? MRT or bus?
Protected content much is the utility bills for electricity, water and gas per month?
Protected content there are pieces of furniture that you don’t need, can they be removed?
Protected content any of the walls need painting? Check if the landlord will arrange this or give you a reduction in rent to organize the painting yourselves.
Protected content every furniture and electrical appliances that you see now is included in the rent? Never assume.
Protected content will the house be ready for you to move in?
Protected content the lease be 6 months or 1 year? Some landlords insist a 2-year lease.
Protected content many months of rent upfront for the security deposit and rent in advance? Usually, 1 month security deposit for every year of lease, and 1 month rent in advance.

Then, ask yourself now.
Protected content the house worth the rent and is the rent within your budget?
Protected content you really accept the condition of this house?
Protected content on the taps – is the water pressure strong or weak?
Protected content there signs of rats or other pests?
Protected content your mobile phone signal? Don’t be surprised, some houses have very weak signal.
Protected content the house secure?

So, these are just some of the questions that you might like to ask yourself and the landlord or the agent during viewing. Be open, do your homework before you go for viewing, and lastly, view a few more units to do a comparison.

I hope this article helps. If you have any enquries on house rental issues, please leave your comments, connect me, or you could join our Chillax activity.

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