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Can carpool work in singapore ?? (Singapore)

Are we people hesitant to adopt it ??

Having lived and worked in Singapore for many years now. At peak hours it takes longer time commute to work. During this time, the fuel is simply consumed out at Traffic signals and people like me experience to much of crowd in all of the public transport options.

So the result of avoiding carpooling :
1.Fuel is burnt unnecessarily . People are in a hurry to leave and their vehicles are in start mode at traffic signal and that's when fuel consumption is at its peak
2.Due to fuel wastage, there is an increase in demand for fuel
3.Fuel charges per person becomes very high .
4.Unnecessary slow moving traffic or heavy traffic

Advantages out of Car Pooling:
1. Fuel cost can be shared and in that way fuel cost per person reduces
2.Traffic Jam and slow moving traffic reduces and public can get some breather during their travel during peak hour in MRT and Bus.
3.Getting to know people better (Human relations improve)

I don't know if this can ease or solve a bit of the is the problem

Personally I use public transport to travel to the maximum level and some time gets frustration and feel how i can i contribute to ease the issue , so made me write this in this forum to check

We know there are challenges faced but definitely it must have a solution .So lets discuss the challenges and not personal opinion with all due respect to all internations forum users.

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