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Health Insurance/System in Singapore

I will transfer to Singapore in 4 weeks from now and will stay there for 2 years (I transfer onto a local contract). I am very confused regarding the local Singaporean Health Insurance Model/System (points, flex, etc). At present I do have a global, good insurance coverage due to my private insurance model/company here in Germany! Once I have transfered to APJ, I will need to be part of the local insurance system. As I had a few injuries, health issues in the past -> I am very concerned regarding the local coverage?! My company explained me this "point system" but I fear that the coverage is not comparable. I also believe that local private health insurance companies won't "take me" due to all my pre-injuries" (or only with high risk fees)... I think the only option might be that I will have to pay my current German private Insurance myself for the next 2 years ... Can somebody give me an advice? How is the system in APJ?! Can I go to a doctor whenevr I have pains, problems, etc => I will have to travel a lot around APJ once I get there so I am a bit concerned ... I fear that once you have received the MAX Points you can't expense anything anymore and it might get very expensive then ... or do I misunderstand?? THX very much

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