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How To Turn Your Rented Room Into A Home (Singapore)


Missing home?
How about we teach you how to decorate your rented space and turn it into a place you would enjoy going back to every day without breaking the rules set by your landlords?
No painting, no nailing and nothing permanent you say? No problem!
We have just the right amount of energy & creativity that can make this work for you :)

Before we begin decorating, there are a few things that should be done to save yourself the trouble:

1. Clean your room thoroughly and make sure there are no dust bunnies lurking about. Yes, they are cute but they multiply fast like real bunnies and you will have a headache in no time.

2. Decide a theme for your room and visualize how you want it to be with what kind of furniture and knick knacks.

3. Determine what to keep and what to get rid of. We tend to keep a lot of stuff we think is useful but they never seem to see the light of the day, we just buried them in a corner and make a clutter. If the items do not suit the theme you have in mind, do a good deed and donate them to charity if they are still in good condition. If they are not, dump them in the trash bin.

4. Take a photo of your original rented room. Since you will need to return the room at the end of your rental period in the condition it was rented to you, do remember to take a photo of the room firsthand before you begin your decorating project.

And now, we may start!

1. Rearrange your furniture. Usually a room is rented along with a bed, wardrobe, bedside table, desk and sometimes with a stand fan if there is no ceiling fan attached. Reshuffling your furniture can give you the effect you want and optimize the functionality of every piece of furniture. For instance, you can place the desk near the window or under the direct glare of your ceiling light for best reading or writing experience.

2. Brighten up your walls. Going back to your room and facing 4 white walls won’t lift up your spirits after a hard day at work. Use removable wall paper to create an environment you will feel refreshed in or create wall murals with cut outs of colorful printed material that gives your room the added touch of joyful energy.

3. Choose your drapes.
Dark curtains more often than not give off the gloomy vibes. Go for lighter shades of drapes that match your room theme. If you have money to spare, go for layering. Combining differently textured curtains add a touch of sophistication to the windows and sets a different kind of mood to the room.

4. Pay attention to the floor. Protected content
Adding a carpet rug enhances the whole ambiance of the room. It lends a touch of warmth to the room, making it comfy and welcoming. Plus point is you can laze on the floor and not get a chill ;)

5. Maximize storage space
Rented space usually does not come with much shelves or storage space. Create your own storage space with wall shelves and vertical hanging storage space. Under the bed is another good option to store big and bulky items. Alternatively, you can also store smaller items in baskets or storage boxes and push them under the bed, just make sure to keep them covered from dust. Don’t forget the door - just install some hooks to hang your bags, jackets, and belts.

6. Touch of greens
Adding a plant brings life into your room. It is also scientifically proven that greeneries are soothing to the tired eyes, especially for those who have to face electronic devices during work which makes up three quarter of the world population. For easy maintenance, try terrariums, it’s the craze right now. If you insist on not having the time and energy to tend to a living organism, fake plants work, too!

7. Relive memories
Create your very own photo wall of memories. Print photos of your family and friends back home and stick them onto the wall or you can insert them into quirky photo frames before hanging them onto the wall. This way, your new room won’t seem so alien, bringing you a step closer to your real home.

8. Pile on the pillows
Create a cozy corner to burrow into when the mood strikes. Just throw a couple of colorful cushions together and voila, you just found yourself a cozy leisure corner.

Hope these tips can help you settle down into your place with a big smile on your face!
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