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Make a video on "What your Budget means" to you and win up to S$1,500! (Singapore)

Dear all,

If you're Singaporean, I sure hope that you have claimed your GST offset credits by now. If you haven't, there's only about five days left!

Well I read the news reminding everyone about this today, and decided to check out the agency's website at Protected content . Should you bother clicking on the link you will find that the site is almost useless, not to mention user-unfriendly and unattractive. But what the hey - I chanced upon a barely-publicised video competition.

Check it out here: Protected content

In true Singaporean Ministry fashion, you will see that the webpage befuddles readers with T&Cs and jargon first and absentmindedly states somewhere in the middle of the page that the top three video clips will win S$1,500, S$600 and S$300 respectively.

I am of course finding all of this (the site layout, chosen theme of video) very laughable, but hey, they're giving away money man. If you're into video like I am, why not? :) Might get a few laughs and dollars out of your work.


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