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Singapore literature

Since I met quite a few like-minded people, I'd like to open a new thread on Singapore literature.
What did/do you read about the city, the region before coming to the Lion City? What was helpful, what not?
This is all very subjective, of course. But there are a few books I enjoyed reading or found helpful for better understanding this tropical city state.

I'll lead and hope for more.

Singapore Swing by John Malathronas, TimeOut Review at Protected content

Air Conditioned Nation by Cherian George
more on Singapore media at the author's blog Protected content

Far Eastern Tales by W.Somerset Maugham
A selection of stories inspired by his travels in Singapore, Malaya etc., providing insights into the life and history of the Empire's exotic outposts.

Invisible Trade by Gerrie Lim
Researching the high-class sex for sale in Singapore

Update 18/01/08:
Lost Roads Singapore by Tan Shzr Ee and Desmond Foo,
a series of stories about rather unusual, even eerie places in Singapore. Must read.

I have more, but would like to read from you, too.



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