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Temporary Housing (Singapore)

My husband, our 2 sons (2.5 and 5.5 years old) have just moved to Cayden "luxury" riverfront Residences. Although the welcome was kind it is not at all suitable for us and does not live up to the description nor the claims on their website. Indeed we have rented a 1 bedroom apartment. There's no bedroom !!!! It is all open plan, the TV is in the kitchen, open plan of course !!!!
Can anyone recommend a lawyer who could help us out ? As it was all last minute we had to pay for the totality of our stay ( until our condo becomes available on June 1st) and it would mean us going to bed at the same time as our boys !!!!
Since we arrived on Singapore we have met nothing but kindness but we feel very disappointed now. We specifically asked if the bed room was separate and wer told it was !!!!
We hope for some recommendations :-(
Thank you in advance.

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