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"I do"..... Marriage procedure in Skopje?

Hi everybody, Kako si?

I'm writing to ask if anybody here has any first hand knowledge of the seemingly mysterious requirements required of a UK male to marry a Macedonian gal.
I've been researching the documents and certificates required and for sure the following are required;
A full valid Passport
A birth certificate not older than 6 months, this must be translated by an official translator and appostilised by a 'Notar'
A Certificate of No Impediment' , in my case supplied by the British Embassy in Sophia.
This will also need to be translated and apostilised by a Notar.

However I have also read on the internet that others who have married in Macedonia were required to provide a police report from their home country (in this case it was USA) stating that that are not a criminal...

Furthermore this was required by the 'Inspector of Marriages' to whom they were referred before they could register their intention to marry.
That had to go to the Post Office to get a form, a Canton?, with their names on before they could make an appointment with the Inspector.
Apparently getting the residency permit after they married was complicated as well, but they did not elaborate further.

Aside from needing patience and a sense of humour does anyone here know of any other requirements or procedures that are involved, and can share?
Also is all of the above correct, does anyone know any different?

Such a complicated route to saying two little words.. I do...
Many thanks if anyone can help
Ti blagodaram mnogu

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