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Jonathan Brown
"The great events organized by InterNations helped me get to know Delhi expats from all over the world."
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"When I moved from Canada to Delhi, InterNations helped me connect with fellow Americans and feel more at home."

Living in Srinagar

Srinagar, the largest city in the Kashmir region of India, with its beautiful gardens, lakes and holy places, is a feast for the eyes and the soul. The city was built over 2,000 years ago on the banks of the Jhelum River, which flows into one of the several lakes around the town, hence its nickname, the ancient ‘City of Lakes’. However, even with such culturally and historically reach surroundings, expats in Srinagar might need help in starting their new lives abroad. That’s when many turn to InterNations. From transport and driving to shopping and recreation, InterNations can help. Expats living in Srinagar can find posts and articles that discuss such matters in the InterNations forums or content section. Once their new life is underway, expatriates in Srinagar have the opportunity with InterNations to let others know how great the place is. Certainly it would be worth mentioning that Srinagar's other epithet is the ‘Kashmiri Venice’; so called because of the abundance of boats used as transport and even accommodation.

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Moving to Srinagar

Moving to Srinagar may hold many challenges to an expatriate, but InterNations has the know-how to support your relocation. More than anything it is a place to exchange and receive trustworthy information and insider tips via expat forums and dedicated guides. From visas to import regulations we’ve got it covered. Whether communicating with other expats in the area, across the country, or even across the world with other ‘global minds’, you will probably find someone who can give you advice. With such an international global community literally at your fingertips, InterNations can help if you're moving to Srinagar. Once you’re there you can relax and enjoy some of the special things Srinagar has on offer. Why not visit the Mughal Gardens: one of the must-see places in India? These gardens, named after the Mughal emperors who once ruled over India and who developed Srinagar as their summer resort, were intricately designed to give a sense of ‘paradise on Earth’. However, it is the lake in the middle of the gardens which many describe as the ‘Jewel in the crown of Kashmir’. Seen from the Nishat Bagh garden with its wonderful fountains, lawns and flowerbeds, Dal Lake is certainly a wondrous sight, especially with the snow-capped Zabarwan mountains as a backdrop.

Working in Srinagar

InterNations can give expatriates help and advice about working in Srinagar, in fact anywhere in India. You can find country-specific key facts about taxes, social security, business culture and more in our guide section, as well as more general information on, for example, searching for a job or starting a new career abroad, in our Expat Magazine. If you’re intending to work in Srinagar, you’ll want to find out about health insurance and other financial matters. Be assured there will be something relevant on InterNations’ website. And after work, expats living in Srinagar will find plenty to do to enjoy their stay in this Indian city. They won't want to miss the annual Tulip Festival in April, one of the highlights in the Srinagar calendar, with more than a million blooms on show; or to visit some of the fascinating mosques which attract many visitors to Srinagar. Whatever you do: living, moving or working as an expatriate in Srinagar, share your experiences with us at InterNations, and become part of our global community.

Jonathan Brown
"The great events organized by InterNations helped me get to know Delhi expats from all over the world."
Sophie Poirier
"When I moved from Canada to Delhi, InterNations helped me connect with fellow Americans and feel more at home."