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Exclusive Networking Opportunity RU/CIS markets (St. Gallen)

Swiss Russian Premium Network (SRPN) is an exclusive networking platform for individuals and companies willing to extend and deepen their network in their target markets – Russia & the CIS. It’s a place where participants from different areas and service industries come together to share their expertise, services, knowledge and know-how. It offers a platform for finding a reliable expert or service provider and thus, increases the quality and accelerates the growth of the own business.

Through our exclusive events with only a limited number of participants and a homey atmosphere, we strive at reaching the efficiency and creating the environment necessary for strengthening relationships and generating new business opportunities.
We value the provision of the high quality of services and creation of mutual synergies, and are willing to share these with like-minded professionals.

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Next event on 9.06.16 from 6 pm.

St. Gallen Forum

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