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Moving to St Gallen (St. Gallen)


Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing all your thoughts in this forum. We are reading it with a lot of attention.

Let me quickly introduce you: we are a four members Italian family based at Barcelona city.

Daddy received a job offer from Switzerland (Saint Gallen). We are decided to go there and would like to know your thoughts:

1. Everyone is telling us about the differences in the cost of life. Our job offer is for 165K gross CHF (euro manager). How is it for the normal life in the city? How much will we pay in taxes?
2. The children are 1 and 4 years old. How is the public school options (nursery and kindergarten). They currently do all day Protected content and we keep the same idea for Switzerland, as mom needs to look and get a job.
3. We plan to search for a 4 bedrooms flat or an attached house in Saint Gallen city. We would not like to go to the outskirts because we prefer to go by bike and walk, using the car the less as possible. Do you know about public houses? Is there any option?
4. Do you know the nationality options for the kids? Do they need to spend X amount of time?
5. Can we have some help with the service? Do you know if the government does something like in England/France (X amount of hours per week for kid subsidized?).

About Saint Gallen:
6. What do you think about the city? We have never been in this side of Switzerland; we love to bike and hiking. We are really active in culture (theatre, book stories in the public libraries, etc.) for the kids. Any suggestions?

This is it. Would love to hear all your recommendations, tips, etc. We are 99% decided to go!

PS - We do not speak one word of German. We are open to learn!


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