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Relocating (Stavanger)

Hello all,

My husband has just been offered to relocate to Stavanger for oil & gas. We believe his office will b located in Tananger. We have 2 children a 6yr old & a 4 yr old. We are excited as well as nervous about this opportunity for our family. We are currently living in Wyoming, USA. We have lived in a few different locations of the US including Colorado & Vermont. So the cold climate is not unusual for us.

I am trying to get a feel of how the adjustment will be for living in times of darkness without sun. Is it just compared to many days of overcast cloudiness in the states or is it really complete darkness all day & all night? & how long does that occur?

Another question of mine is, how easy is it to travel through Europe from Stavanger. It is something we can do on a long (4day) weekend? My husband & I traveled Europe back in Protected content . But we only had 2 weeks & chose just to do France,Amsterdam & Italy. I really want to see about traveling to Germany & Spain while oversees. Is this feasible to do or is this just wishful thinking on my part? How is the cost of flying from Norway to such places like Spain or even Russia? How do they compare to interstate flights in the US?

Is there a place for family activities indoor &/or outdoor? We would really like to take advantage of all that Norway has to offer. We do ski & snowboard so any info on the best resorts/slopes for family skiing would also be appreciate.

I have so many questions & concerns, sorry this is really my first stop for researching weather Norway will be a good move for our family.

Thanks so much,


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