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Best Cheeseburger In Stockholm

Greetings Everyone,

I am posting a thread share and solicit feedback regarding thoughts on where to go for the best cheeseburger in Stockholm.

The following criteria should provide a foundation regarding minimum requirements prior to posting:
- Hand packed burger
- Fresh condiments (lettuce, tomato, etc)
- Toasted buns..even McDonalds does this :)
- Taste prior to sauces is a key requirement if possible

Here are my current standings:
1. Mäster Anders & Grill Ruby: Quality meat, bun, and tomato. Replace the iceberg lettuce with the spinach, ruccola, and parmesan for something special. More food at Mäster Anders, as I felt like I would have left a little hungry if I did not order dessert :)
2. Akkurat: Taste prior to sauces is quite tricky with this masterpiece. Fully assembled cheeseburger is quite tasty and you will not leave hungry.
3. Home: Buy your own ground beef, and warm up the grill or even the frying pan.
4. Other: Texas Burger Co - inconsistent results. It depends if you get a fresh burger or a burger they pre make for their lunch time rush. McDonalds - A great option for the price if you get a freshly made burger.

As you can see, I have a few more burgers to eat here in Stockholm.

For fun, I will also share the following:
- US All Time Best Cheeseburger – In N Out Burger: Hands down, all fresh, all good! Too bad it is on the west coast (California, Las Vegas, etc).
- NY Time Best – Burger Joint or Shake Shack: Same recipe, both taste great!

Whatever you do, stay away from the Swedish grill huts and Max’s. I personally have not confirmed what type of meat is grey prior to being heated up..just one guy’s opinion of course :)

Best Regards,

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