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Crawfish :) (Stockholm)


I'm moving to Malmo for graduate school in about two -three weeks and needless to say I'm terribly excited about this. I've been looking over the internet to begin searching for an apartment (painful) and trying to get my luggage in order when I came across a fact that is making me even more happy about moving to Sweden...

Swedes enjoy crawfish?!

My excitement may seem a bit odd, but being from South Louisiana, USA (where eating crawfish, aligator, & frog -basically anything from the sea/swamp is a religion) I've always missed eating my favorite food when I've traveled. In Louisiana we either boil it with corn and potatoes in a very spicy boil, or cook it in an etoufee, gumbo, jambalaya, with cracklins (you may know cracklins as chicharones) or with boudin. Couple that with an ABITA beer and a brass band and you pretty much have heaven on earth. As we say here, Laissez les bon temps roulez!

How do y'all enjoy crawfish in Sweden?

Warm regards,

Constance Paige

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