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Would you give a stranger a laptop? (Stockholm)

Hi all

I am writing this crazy request for a wonderful girl in Stockholm..Without her knowledge..This is my crazy idea, I just know there are some great people out there..

She is in need of a as a nanny part time which just pays the bills..(looking for work as a PA but the knee business and economy/language has thrown her)

An amamzing Aussie girl who moved recently to Sweden to be with her boyfriend..she has had a little bad luck after running too much and popping a knee and is going in for a second knee surgery asap after emergency surgery last week..

I know this is strange, but I can only try, hoping there is someone out there with a spare working laptop, with a camera if possible..that they would like to donate to her..

This request is genuine, in no way a scam and I hope I do not offend with it.

Kindest regards
Olivia in Singapore.

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