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Contact problem with real estate agencies (Strasbourg)

Hi all,
I'm relatively knew to the group.
My French husband will begin to work in Basel on the first of July and we will
be moving (with our 17 months old son and our newborn girl (I'm due next months)
and a cat) from Italy (Milan) to Alsace in the end of June, ideally in the area
between the South of Mulhouse and Basel.

We decided to rent a house with a garden with at least 3 bedrooms, but we are
encountering several problems with French estate agencies:

- they do not answer emails (written in french!)

- when they answer and we ask for more details, they disappear!

- we are asking to see some houses on the 26th of april, as my husband is on
holiday and can travel there, but nobody is giving us appointments or even
answering our e-mails (toujours en français!)

Has this happened to anyone?
How did you rent from abroad the house you are living in?

My husbands new job is willing to give us an apartment for the first 3 months,
but this will begin a circus of no real address that will prevent me to enroll
my oldest son to the crèche from September, which is one of my goals, and
problem with health system and all the "nice" bureaucracy is waiting for us in
france :)

Thanks for your help


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