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New to Stuttgart

G'day all!

I am originally from Wales, and moved to London for work for a couple of years and then to Sydney, where the lifestyle and climate kept me there for some time!! I have traveled extensively throughout ANZ and APAC regions for work and pleasure and am now back in Europe, having relocated to Stuttgart for work a few weeks ago. Am enjoying being back in Europe (apart from the weather at the moment obviously as I'm missing my summer!). I am a keen sports fan, especially rugby (I played for many years until one too many injuries and surgeries convinced me to give it away! Now I just follow it wherever I can, which is a lot easier on the body - except the liver of course ), and also football, athletics and cycling. I am a keen amateur photographer and also interested in music, theatre and the arts and also enjoy traveling, which I do a lot of, for business and personal reasons.

I am keen to meet people and get to know my new surroundings and find out what there is to see and do, where to go for good meals, drinks, where I can watch rugby around here etc.

All info and suggestions gratefully received!


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