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My self-introduction (Suzhou)

Dear Suzhou members,

I am Raluca and I represent our brand new InterNations Community in Suzhou as a new ambassador.

As some of you already know, I am originated from Romania, I hold double French-Romanian citizenship and I currently live in Suzhou, China.

We initially came to Suzhou in Protected content a 3 year period of time, has been 5 years we have lived in China and we actually don't know precisely anything on our future.

We are actually quite overwhelmed of the kindness of Chinese people and sometimes we have the feeling of saying we would like to stay here forever !

I do like to "mix and mingle" with Chinese people and that gave me the opportunity to make real friends and to reach a good level of Chinese language.

My hobbies are dancing, riding my scooter every day... hoping one day to have a better, more spacious new scooter. :-))

I can't wait to see you all for our first event this Friday, even a bit tired, I am so thrilled about it!!!!

Thank you all for your friendship, for your support and for your help! I am overwhelmed about your messages, even phone calls :-)) that I received during the preparation of this event!

Let's make it a big event together this Friday!!!!

Your very friendly,
Your InterNations Ambassador Suzhou

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