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Ni hao and welcome to your InterNations Community for expats in Suzhou. Your InterNations account gives you access to a wealth of online information and insider tips as well as invites to our social events in Suzhou. With comprehensive guides and advice, you'll find the answers to your questions, such as "will I need to speak Mandarin?" and "what international education options are available?". Our aim at InterNations is to support you as you start your new life abroad and help you to overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

Take any concerns to our forum and ask our friendly expats any questions you might have about relocating to Suzhou. Remember, they have already solved the dilemmas you are likely to face, so take advantage of their first-hand experience for a smooth relocation to Suzhou. Our exhaustive guide on expat life in China may also answer some of your questions. With InterNations you can feel reassured that no matter what your new life holds, support is available in our knowledgeable community.

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Classical Gardens, History, and Bullet Trains in Suzhou

Nicknamed the Venice of the East due to its network of canals and traditional-style bridges, Suzhou's 2,500 year history sits alongside the modernity of the bullet train to Shanghai and towering structures of the business sector. Those interested in Chinese culture will enjoy exploring the many Buddhist temples, learning about the legends which inspired local landmarks, and discover the beauty of the classical gardens, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Suzhou's economy owes a lot to the manufacturing sector which includes iron, steel, IT, electronic equipment, and textiles. The city also has a large and growing tourism industry, which in turn has created a thriving services sector. With Shanghai nearby and lower operating costs, Suzhou also attracts foreign investment which the government assists with favorable tax policies.

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At InterNations, we don't just provide access to detailed online information, we also encourage our members to meet in person at our regular InterNations Official Events. Once you arrive in Suzhou you're invited to attend our get-togethers to meet, socialize, and network with fellow expats in the city. Don't forget to also explore our InterNations Groups where you can find like-minded expats to share your interests in dining out, the outdoors and adventures. We know that building a new social circle can take time, but with InterNations you have friends already waiting for you in Suzhou.

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