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Self-Introduction (Suzhou)

Hello guys

Since most of us have never met each other in person, this topic is for self-introduction and in future can also be used for updates about yourselves.

I arrived in Suzhou in January Protected content to stay for about 2 or 3 years for a rotating program in my company and I'm living in SND. I don't have the ambition to became fluent in Mandarin, but I'll study for at least 6 month for getting the "survival level" and then check the progress... hehehe

I'm an enthusiast about knowing new things and I guess this is my main hobby here in Suzhou... I'm always checking for new places to go, new people to meet, new food to taste, etc... Moreover I LOVE happy hours... spend 1 or 2 hours in a bar drinking a cold beers, eating just snacks and putting a chat... just to take the mind off and relex.

Besides I'm Brazilian and I like (to watch) soccer, please don't invite me for playing or you'll make me losing face hehehe I'm very bad player. Currently I'm not much a sportsman, but I used to be good in basketball and I still like to play.

I guess for a starting it's enough... if you are curious about other things out of my profile... feel free for asking.


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