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Shopping on tips (Suzhou)

Dear Friends,

Just to give you some tips on using the real shopping site Protected content .

I could start by giving you some tips so you could do it by yourself.

All you need to do is to take your bank card, go to the bank and just show it and ask them to help you with buying on Taobao. They will then activate your card for buying on Taobao.

Second step is to open you own account on

And then last step is just choosing your goods, place them in your shopping kart and just get them delivered at your place.

How more convenient could it be? You actually don't really depend on anyone, buy your stuff when and how you want and no money deposit to any other agent will be necessary.

Another tip is, in case you are not home, you could write the address of the Management Office of the residence you live in, so you could go and grab your stuff after your work or your lunch out.

Another secret, you could only type a brand or a name and you could simply have all the products listed. Easy and wonderful!

In case you are not happy about the quality of the product or it is a size problem, you could return it few days after the delivery at your home. Of course, you will be reimbursed in case you don't really want to finalize the buying.

You should not be scared of the Chinese version, you only have few bottoms you need to press and you have a lot of images. So you could have freedom to do it by yourself directly from your own computer and whenever you want !

For more tips, don't hesitate to contact me.


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