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Welcome to ESES Relocation Company! (Suzhou)

The housing service of ESES Relocation is different from other real estate agencies,we charge you the same commission but provide you a totally different service. If you choose the Housing Services of ESES Relocation, you will have the following free services in this
Orientation- Area familiarization service.Providing information on housing and schooling options,key amenities,shopping,recreation,medical and banking facilities,transportation systems,typical living conditions and special security concerns.
Moving service.Once you chose the apartment you like, and upon you sign a lease contract with your land lord,we will arrange and help you to move. And we will prepare a proper truck &van according to the quantity of your baggage, also supply labors to help.
Translation between you and your landlord. During the whole contract period,If you have any problems about your apartment, we will help to inform and negotiate with your landlord, solve the problems efficiently.
Foreigner Registration in Police station,
Install internet, Arrange a local Sim card for your phone;
Pay water/gas/electricity, etc.
First time subscription for public transport;
Help to find a housekeeper to clean your home, babysitter,etc.
Opening a bank account;
Family doctor if you need.
Service Specifications - the service can include:
Before we select suitable properties for you to view, we need a detailed analysis of your requirements, you can let us know this information by phone or email:
we chat (Wēixìn):leowu Protected content Protected content bilingual)
E-mail: Protected content

1. Where are you from?Is your first time to come to suzhou?
2.What's the size of apartment is necessary for you?onebedroom or two bedrooms?
3. How long are you going to rent?
4. what's your max budget? do you need the  invoice of the rent?
5. When will you move into the apartment?
6. When will be convenient for you to visit the apartment?

Home Search Assistance
After the communication by phone or email, We will select at least 5 proper properties according to your requirements, and contact the landlords.
To ensure you will have a comfortable viewing, before this step starts, please let us know the most convenient place for you to meet with us, we will drive there and pick you up. Then the apartment viewing is started. And,if there is no one apartment you want to choose in all the options we prepared for you,Don’t worry, we will prepare more options next day, until you find the right one.
Lease Negotiation
After you choose one apartment, we need to sign the lease with your landlord. We will prepare an English-Chinese version contract for you two parties, and we will help you, let the landlord know all your requirements before you sign the contract, avoid all the contradictions that may arise during the tenancy.
Hand-over Assistance
We will make a detailed apartment Inspection report form as a contract appendix , the information of this form includes the quantities &condition& brand of furniture and household electrical appliance, and the record of the meters of electricity &water& gas,etc.
Moving in
It’s a free service in the welcome package.
Foreigner Registration in Police station
According to the government’s policy, and also for your own security, police registration is one of the first things you need to do after moving into the leased property. You need to bring the lease contract, your passport, a copy of the landlord’s ID and a copy of the landlord's ownership certificate to the local police station to register. We will assist you to finish this procedure. The whole process should take no more than 20 minutes.
If you have more questions,please feel free to contact us,thanks!
we chat (Wēixìn):leowu Protected content Protected content bilingual)
E-mail: Protected content

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