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Australian Date Format (Sydney)

Dear folks from the US

An email from one of our American members asking if our Sydney event was on November 9th, or, in fact on Wednesday, November 4th, Protected content , alerted me to clarify that our Australian date format is Day Month Year (no punctuation).

What might add to the confusion, is, that InterNations pages, including events pages, are displaying the American date format (Nov 04, Protected content though members have set their Time & Weather preferences for time stamps to DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM, and temperature to Celsius.

Nov09 and 1Nov09 stands here of course for November '09 and 1 November Protected content . Axel and I look forward to catching up for our Nov09 Drinks on Wednesday, 4 November Protected content .


Posted on Sunday, 1 November Protected content

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