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Hi all,

Just a word of advice when you sign up for membership with Internations. If you decide NOT to renew your membership, you have to take necessary action to prevent Internations from automatically deducting from your credit card without seeking your approval or authorisation. Once they make a charge to your credit card, they will not issue you with a refund ! They claim it is written in their tiny terms and conditions of membership, which are not explicit to the consumer. This under contract law is deemed fraudulent as the consumer had not indicated their intention to subscribe and authorise payment, but they make the decision on your behalf by presumptiously making the assumption that you intend to join the group for eternity. There should have been a courtesy message from them to ask us prior to charging our credit card, but Internations being money minded and adopting the pyramid selling tactics, cheats members and refused to issue me with a refund despite my request. Just a friendly warning to the rest out there and advise your friends to think twice before subscribing to this group.

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